Favorite Things!

We had our last meeting of the school year this morning, and it was a ton of fun! The leaders shared some of their favorite things and gave away a lot of goodies. Here’s a run-down of the items:

From Janet – Blank note cards, Starbucks gift card
From Terressa – special presentation by MOPPETS kids
From Elizabeth – PMS packs and sand toys/bucket set
From Jen – Two full sets of simple summer fun activities for the kids
From Jamie – pedicure sets, 1 pedicure gift certificate
From Larissa – tealight wax warmer plus scented wax
From Megan – CDs of her favorite worship songs and kid songs, favorite Bible verse, and chocolate cookies
From Linda – Mrs. Meyers hand soaps, Bar Keepers Friend cookware polish, Hask deep conditioning packets, recipe for curried honey mustard chicken (plus one fully prepped meal)

We had a guest, Amanda, who also shared her favorite hair product, doTerra peppermint oil drops, and lip balm. Thanks Amanda!

In addition, our members all received special wristlet key chains as a year-end gift.

We had a blast this year and are looking forward to A Fierce Flourishing as we start up again in September.

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